Jenny’s pieces tend to fit a range of themes. The following list is by no means conclusive, and she’s always looking for new ideas should you wish to commission something not mentioned on the list. Whilst she may have made a number of pieces following the same theme, Jenny is careful to avoid making identical wire models or sand forms, and the movement of the glass ensures that each piece remains unique.

Washing day      –      Parks & Playgrounds      –      Cycling      –      Beaches      –      Boats & Watersports      –      Camping      –      Gardening & Gardens      –      Benches      –      Hot air balloons      –      Cosy houses      –      Christmas/winter      –      bookends (to a range of themes)


This is just a small selection of Jenny’s work… if you would like to see more photos of a particular theme, or to know which pieces are currently available, then please do get in touch!