Scenes are directly influenced by my life as a Devon-based mum; following visits to the towns, beach and moor I create tiny wire sketches based on the day’s observations.

I then use a sand-casting technique to encase the wire models between layers of molten glass.  It’s the unpredictable and uncontrollable flow of the glass which brings each scene to life, creating the breeze in the washing and the foliage on the trees.

In addition to being viewed as stand-alone artworks I have also exhibited pieces as semi-architectural sculpture by embedding the blocks within purpose built walls. An example of this may be seen in Tavistock Sensory Garden.

I create pieces for sale through galleries and exhibitions. I also enjoy working to capture people’s stories and memories in the form of commissions, and helping others to create their own wire and glass artworks during weekend workshops which I run in southwest Devon (More info).

In 2015 R&A Collaborations made this fab little film which gives an insight into my inspirations and processes.