I’m embracing my inner-geek as my artistic practise heads in a totally new and exciting adventure!

In 2019 I became a director of the Community Interest Company Art & Energy. My glass has rather taken the back seat, whilst I’ve learnt loads about renewable energy, how to make your own solar panels, Arduino programming, electronics, and socially engaged events. I’m absolutely loving it!

Workshops and creative drop-ins

My first experience of making solar artworks was with half a dozen 7-11 year olds. At the end of the project they sent a collaborative solar artwork to Blue Peter, and each received their green awards!

Photo of Art and Energy team, plus participants of the Blue Peter solar artwork workshop

Since then I’ve made solar artworks:
– In a gazebo at Tavi Eco Fest
– With youngsters at the International Festival of Glass
– With eco-curious grown-ups in day-long workshops
– With University of Exeter staff and students

I’ve also run other creative activities for school groups and Energy Community groups. By introducing a playful and creative approach to renewable energy the technology suddenly becomes accessible, and empowers those of us without specialist knowledge to ask ‘what if…’ History has shown that this is vital for progress!

Jenny’s crazy inventions

I’m particularly interested in creating humorous and easily-digestible artworks to spark curiosity, and to encourage viewers to consider what they can do to help reduce our impact on the planet.