These are part of a new project which I’m working on with master glass blower Richard Glass. We’ve taken the delicate wire models that I developed for my sandcast scenes and trapped them between layers of blown glass.

I spent much of my childhood messing about on boats… and went on to nautical jobs ranging from coxswain for a harbour master, to crewing a superyacht. These pieces take inspiration from my love of the sea.

'Orange Buoy' Blown glass with wire anchor inclusion, cut, polished, engraved. Pewter and copper addition. Steel base.

I have created delicate wire anchors and fishing nets which were encased between layers of blown glass. I then cut, engraved and polished the blown forms to add texture and detail. I have cast additions such as tiny pewter buoys and boats for the finishing touch.

'Beneath the waves' blown glass with wire anchor inclusion. carved and engraved. Pewter addition.

When you’re out sailing in coastal waters you are constantly affected by the flow of the wind, tide, and local eddies and currents. You haven’t got breaks like you would in a car. A buoy is a relatively fixed point either to race around, or to catch hold of and make fast to so that you can relax and eat your sandwiches!

I created the piece pictured below using similar techniques. It was commissioned and presented as an award for an opera competition, Les Azuriales Opera.

Blown glass with wire figure singing - commissioned award