Art & Energy

In the autumn of 2018 I was invited by Chloe and Naomi of Art & to join them in running a series of three workshops where six 7-11yr olds designed and created their own functioning solar panel artworks. I found this project so inspiring and exciting… fingers crossed for more projects in 2019!

Group Workshops

I’ve run a few different group workshops, from teaching a group of Lions to etch glass, to running art lessons in primary and secondary schools. Each workshop is adapted to the age and ability of the students. Activities are relevant to topics that the students have been studying in previous classes, for example one group of year 11 students had been looking at the work of David Hockney, whilst a group of year 9 students had been researching the Great Fire of London.

I’ve even taken glass into a pre-school… showing the 3 year olds a piece of my sandcast glass and photos of the molten glass. We then used homemade Christmas’s stamps and embossing powder on paper bags to show how adding a bit of heat can lead to lovely shiny magic, plus they each had a practical item to take home!