Glass Etching Short-CourseJennyAyrton_lighthouse mirror

Duration : 2.5 – 4 hrs

Cost : £25-£45 per participant

Level : Beginner


Dates & Venues: 

About the Course:

Join us for a fun session learning to etch glass. Apply your own permanent designs to glassware. Create beautiful gifts, seasonal decorations, and fun yet functional household items.

Jenny will begin the session by introducing a range of simple techniques to create and apply your own stencil design, then demonstrate the use of glass etching cream.

For the standard 3 hour sessions you will each be provided with a 20cm circular mirror and a glass tumbler to decorate. Additional items will be available to purchase on the day, alternatively please bring along your own glassware.I love you more than coffee

In the longer 4hr sessions each participant will apply their designs to a stunning 36cm tall glass and metal lantern (plus there should be time for a jar or two as well!).

Chemical etching creates a permanent opaque surface, ideal for decorating functional items as they may be washed and heated to the manufacturers’ original specifications. Once you know the basics this is a technique that can be further explored at home. Etching cream is a particularly great way to transform plain household items, or why not visit your local charity shop and collect some glass objects with the potential to transform!sam_2399

How to book?

Please check the list of dates and venues above and contact the relevant venue directly to reserve your space. If you would like to talk to me about arranging an alternative date or venue then please contact me.